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Using WeChat
通讯应用 — WeChat 

What you'll discover:

This course provides participants with understanding of the benefits of using mobile chatting apps as a form of electronic communication, with the ability to stay connected with family and friends at any time, and anywhere, and learn on how to create account, manage chats and send messages to multiple people at the same time.

Class Fees:
$50 -Public
$10 -NSA Subsidised fees (Senior)


您会学习如何使用这个社交媒体平台来联系亲友。您还会学习如何创建您 的WeChat账号,并将自己的联系人添加至账号内。您也能够使用WeChat发 送信息、图像与文件。您也将能够使用WeChat进行语音和视频通话,以及 设立聊天群组。

$50 - 公共
$10 - NSA 补贴费用(乐龄)

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