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What will your life look like with unlimited abundance? 

Join us at our life simulation board game called Wealthflow facilitated by trained professionals.

This game reveals and refines habits of mind that contribute to an expanded sense of joy and abundance in life.


You will travel through 20 to 60 years old to encounter and reflect upon your way of relating to life, wealth and relationships. Coaching is included to expand your abundance mindset, relational patterns and visions for your future. 


Hence, walk out of the game with a new sense of self, awareness of your relationships and a clarified vision for your future.


Full game play lasts for approximately 3hrs.


WealthFlow Life Stimulation Game

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    Workshop fees:

    Usual: $80/pax

    Pair signup: $70/pax

    Group of 4 and above: $60/pax


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