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Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to use Zoom to stay connected with their family and friends. Participants will be able to use Zoom to join meetings and webinars. Participants will also be able to create their Zoom account and use navigate the various functions of Zoom such as muting and unmuting their microphone, adding virtual background etc.


在顺利完成课程后,您将能够使用Zoom与亲友保持联系以及参加网上研讨 会。您也将懂得如何创建Zoom账号,以及使用Zoom的功能如打开或关闭麦 克风、添加虚拟背景等。

Using Zoom 通讯应用 — Zoom

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    Course fees:


    After NSA Subsidy (NSA 补贴后): $10

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