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Quality of sleep and joyful interactions contribute to healthy aging and wellness. Clarity of mind also improves decision making and life long learning ability. Participants will learn how to achieve clarity, deeper sleep and be happy through brain training programs that involve them in watching selective videos and listening to neuro-coded music and through DIY home care equipment to improve their brain vibration frequencies and quality of life.


睡眠质量和愉悦的互动有助于我们的身心健康。头脑清晰也可以提高我们 的决策能力和终身学习能力。老年人需要通过大脑训练计划来得到更清晰 的脑部,深度睡眠和幸福感,以改善他们的大脑振动频率和生活质量。

Brain Training for Joyful Living, Deeper Sleep, and Clarity of Mind 健脑与幸福人生

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    Course fees:


    After NSA Subsidy (NSA 补贴后): $40

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