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This course is designed to equip participants with skills and knowledge to maintain emotional well-being in everyday life. Participants will be introduced to several easy-to-learn and simple-to-apply self-care modalities, including mindfulness practices, the Zentangle method (a therapeutic art form), and emotional management with vibrational energies.


本课程旨在为参与者提供在日常生活中保持情绪稳定的技能和知识,以协 助参与者规划正念愉悦的的生活、提升自我价值,以及了解自己面对挑战 的惯性反应,同时页协助改善人际关系。

Be.Well: Learn to Manage Mood and Emotions in Daily Living 当下安好:学习如何在日常生活中调 理情绪

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    Course fees:


    After NSA Subsidy (NSA 补贴后): $23

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