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This course aims to introduce participants to the Eastern and Western concepts of aromatherapy. The course is designed to help provide more insights & knowledge on the types of essential oils. Learners will also find out the types of essential oils used in overcoming different emotional stages and common bodily discomforts.


本课程将向学员介绍东方和西方的芳香疗法概念。该课程旨在帮助提供有 关精油类型的更多见解和知识。学员还可以了解用于克服不同情绪阶段和 常见身体不适的精油类型。

Aromatherapy in Stress Management for Seniors 以芳香疗法缓解银发族的压力

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    Course fees:


    After NSA Subsidy (NSA 补贴后): $27.60

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