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Government Digital Services

What you'll discover:

This course provides participants with understanding of how to access commonly used government digital services such as SingPass and Ask Jamie, and understanding the usage of SingPass will allow access to a greater array of other government services that requires SingPass login.

Class Fees:
$50 -Public
$10 -NSA Subsidised fees (Senior)


您会学习如何使用常用的公共服务应用程序,例如SingPass与AskJamie。了 解如何使用SingPass能给您开启更多需要使用SingPass的其余公共服务应用 程序。您也将懂得如何使用其他公共服务应用程序如OneService或LifeSG。

$50 - 公共
$10 - NSA 补贴费用(乐龄)

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