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Advanced Android

What you'll discover:

This course aims to introduce advanced features for Android devices, including the creation of a Google Play account and learn how to navigate and use the features of the Play store, and learn how to personalize Android devices, and also see how Google Assistant can help with daily tasks!

Class Fees:
$50 -Public
$10 -NSA Subsidised fees (Senior)


了解如何使用安卓设备的晋级功能,例如创建GooglePlay账号。您也会学习 如何在Play商店内下载应用程序与设置应用权限。您也将懂得如何使用智能 助理GoogleAssistant,并为手机添加个性化的设置和辅助功能。

$50 - 公共
$10 - NSA 补贴费用(乐龄)

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